The Project: Travel essay.



       There are so many places on earth, they are scattered all over the world. Every place has its own distinct features some are known for their scenic beauty, while others are famous for their architectural wonders. In addition to that every person has its own different tastes, choices and preferences. I have visited so many places here in Algeria with touristic and historical interests, but the place that has a lasting impression in my head, and which has all the features mentioned before would be our next door neighbor country Tunisia. It was a road trip with my family, my parents, my big sister and little brother on our car. It was a long and tiresome journey, but we didn’t notice it at all because we were so exited and happy to explore new places, new cultures and meet new people and taste new dishes.

      Arriving to Tunisia was breathtaking, and of course after a long stop at the borders customs, when we passed we saw green everywhere, I realized then why they called her green Tunisia or Tounes el khdra. Our plan was mainly visiting cities near the sea, because it was summer time and wanted to visit cool places. The first city we visited was Sousse it is in central Tunisia, an amazing place to enjoy holiday, we stayed at a great hotel at the first night, and it’s called The Ambassador it is a very famous hotel and expensive one as well. We stayed one night only then my father decided that it was inappropriate place for a family, because there were foreigners everywhere and they were indecent and there was also the bar issue, all of them were drinking, I remember my father was very unhappy about the situation, and asked my mother to call her friend back in Algeria and ask her if she knew another place, because she is a regular visitor to Tunisia. She send us to this nice old lady that had a lovely big house, this lady used to rent the spare floors of the house during summertime, I remember we took the third floor, it was a nice flat, two bedrooms with closets and beds, no living room but a big wide hall instead in the middle of the house with a TV set and two sofas and a kitchen and a bathroom, and there was this beautiful veranda that has the nicest view on the city, I suggested we remove the dinning table to it and we have our meals there , and so we did. After we settled fun begun, the first day we went on cruise on this old pirates ship, there was music, dancers, animals show, it was like a circus on a boat, we had lunch there which was rice and fried fish and fresh salad. I met a nice couple from Germany we talked allot about their country and mine, I told them that I spoke a little bit of German, because I studied it for two years at high school, my father called me after that and yelled at me for talking to them, because the girl was wearing a bikini top with a really short skirt , so I set with my sister and we took allot of pictures , by the time we came back it was sunset   we were so tired so we bought dinner and headed back to our new home. The next day we went to the city’s old markets, it had so many beautiful clothes, crafts and traditional souvenirs, the two next days we would go to the beach at morning and roam the city at noon.


     The second place we visited was El Hamamat city, it is near the capital city Tunis, it is a charming place known for buzzy fishing and popular resorts and something you couldn’t miss noticing is white painted houses with purple and white jasmine flowers hanging on their walls a very nice look. It was my favorite place, because I felt serene and at ease, we rented a place near the beach but we only stayed two days because it was expensive and my father rented it just to please us, because we wanted a place with a view on the beach. Hence there still other places to visit, our stay there made us like fishes all the time on the beach, simply because it was a magical place, ooh and the water slides were magnificent, scary but a great experience it took me the whole day to try it then I had to convince my sister to do it as well, we were afraid because it was so high, but it worth the try. On our stay there we met another Algerian family specifically from Annaba such nice people, we became friends instantly, they recommended us to visit El Monastir city, and we did. The city is in the Sahel area, it has a rich historical heritage, we went on tour to the palace of the late president of Tunisia Bourguiba, the palace was huge and crowded with visitors, it contained allot of historical heritage things, and even the president’s personal things such his desk and books and even his clothes, we took allot of pictures, I took one with his portrait, the tourist guide told us that the city was a Phoenician trading port and a traditional fishing area. After that nice tour it was time to leave, we went to the big mall of the city, and we bought nice souvenirs for friends and relatives then we went back to the house, we packed our luggage and headed back to Algeria, we were so sad and tired, but happy at the same time, sad for leaving such a great place, and happy to meet our friends and relatives and tell them all about the amazing trip. After this trip I told everyone that asked me: how was it? That it was a gorgeous country, has the efficiency of Europe, rich culture of the Middle East and the uniqueness of Africa all mixed together, and I can’t wait to visit it again.